Here is some software I have found laying around the internet. I did not write any of it, but I thought it was too clever to throw away. I have cleaned up and gotten these to compile. The unattributed items I believe are generally too short to consider copyrighted, and hopefully the author does not mind that I have them here.

The software has no warranty, no documentation, and no support. You are on your own.

name description
goldenratio.c Generates the Golden Ratio in an evil/clever way.
found: Hugi Size Coding Competition Series - Compo26
mersenne.h very small mersenne twister from
mt.c mt.h mersenne twister
sha1.c sha1.h sha1passwd.c sha1passwd.h sha1passwd_main.c SHA-1 hash routines, examples, etc.
tree.h tree.3 AVL tree macros
vitter.c Dynamic Huffman Coding 05 DEC 2002

Last Updated: June 20, 2010